More Clues for the 10M XEC Puzzle

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It has been almost 8 months since I wrote this post showing people how to use an eCash wallet as well as clues to the 12 word seed phrase that will unlock this 10M XEC wallet. No one has been able to solve it yet, and since so many people have been asking for additional clues, I thought I’d give everyone participating an early Christmas present. Below are the original 12 clues followed by the 12 new clues. Good luck!

Original Clues:

  1. 可以作为名词或动词的 7 个字母单词,以一个可以作为名词或动词的 4 个字母单词结尾
  2. 这个词的后四个字母拼写一个身体部位
  3. 这个词在 POW#155 中出现了九次
  4. 职业运动员经常拥有这个
  5. 我们都有的东西,但不能总是控制 
  6. 可以作为名词或动词的 6 个字母单词,以一个我们经常与 eCash 联系在一起的 3 个字母单词结尾
  7. 这个词有 3 个 e,经常出现在体育中
  8. 一家竞争对手加密货币项目的名称
  9. 经常出现在第 8 个词之前的词
  10. 4 个字母单词,如果倒着拼写,也能形成一个与动物相关的词
  11. 将这个词中的 5 个字母混合,你会得到另一个经常在体育中使用的词
  12. 喜剧演员和建筑工人都需要的东西

New clues:

  1. Word you might hear in an electronics store
  2. In front
  3. Something many of us are addicted to
  4. eCash developers no longer need one of these
  5. Can be intense
  6. The first three letters of this word often associated with sports
  7. One of the many departments in most governments
  8. You rarely find one of these in a sentence
  9. Can be in front or in back
  10. People in crypto do this often
  11. Mix up these five letters and you get an old word that means angry
  12. Can refer to something tangible, or intangible

Reminder that all words come from the Bip39 word list that can be found here.