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eCash as a startup

阅读时间: 3 分钟 I’ve recently been listening to a lot of podcasts about startups and venture capital, and what I’ve noticed is that while eCash may not be

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SuperEx + eCash AMA

阅读时间: 16 分钟 (What follows is a transcript of the AMA that was recently hosted in the SuperEx telegram channel. I thought it was a fantastic overview of

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eCash 历史课程

阅读时间: 11 分钟 The other day, a Twitter troll accused Amaury of having stabbed the Bitcoin Cash community in the back. While I can sort of see how

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Is Crypto a Pipe Dream?

阅读时间: 3 分钟 “I mean the cypherpunk vision of cryptcurrency is nearly dead. As I’ve said, it’s kind of like it turned out to be the opposite. It

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The Future of eCash

阅读时间: 4 分钟 It’s no secret that I expect a lot from the eCash project, but I’m guessing no one has a clue exactly how big those expectations

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