More Clues for the 10M XEC Puzzle

読了時間: 2

It has been almost 8 months since I wrote this post showing people how to use an eCash wallet as well as clues to the 12 word seed phrase that will unlock this 10M XEC wallet. No one has been able to solve it yet, and since so many people have been asking for additional clues, I thought I’d give everyone participating an early Christmas present. Below are the original 12 clues followed by the 12 new clues. Good luck!

Original Clues:

  1. 7文字の名詞または動詞で、4文字の名詞または動詞で終わる単語
  2. この単語の最後の4文字は、体の部位を表す
  3. この単語はPOW#155で9回見つけることができる
  4. プロのアスリートはよくこれを持っている
  5. 私たちが持っているものの1つだが、常にコントロールできないもの 
  6. 3文字の単語で終わる6文字の名詞または動詞で、eCashとよく関連付けられる
  7. この単語には「e」が3つ含まれており、スポーツでよく使われる言葉です
  8. 競合する暗号通貨プロジェクトの名前
  9. 上記の8の前によく使われる言葉
  10. 逆に綴ると動物に関連する言葉になる4文字の言葉
  11. この単語の5文字を入れ替えると、スポーツでよく使われる別の言葉が得られる
  12. コメディアンと建設業者の両方に必要なもの

New clues:

  1. Word you might hear in an electronics store
  2. In front
  3. Something many of us are addicted to
  4. eCash developers no longer need one of these
  5. Can be intense
  6. The first three letters of this word often associated with sports
  7. One of the many departments in most governments
  8. You rarely find one of these in a sentence
  9. Can be in front or in back
  10. People in crypto do this often
  11. Mix up these five letters and you get an old word that means angry
  12. Can refer to something tangible, or intangible

Reminder that all words come from the Bip39 word list that can be found here.