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What will Milei do?

독서 시간 3 In case you haven’t heard, Argentina just elected the first Anarcho-Capitalist president in the history of the world, Javier Milei. If you’ve never heard of

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eCash Staking Rewards 101

독서 시간 4 Now that staking rewards are live, I’m seeing lots of questions that can easily be answered as long as you have a little basic knowledge.

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eCash Basics

독서 시간 3 eCash is led by the development team of Bitcoin ABC, the same team that created Bitcoin Cash in 2017. After three years of shepherding that

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eCashers 🙌

독서 시간 2 What is an eCasher? It’s anyone who holds XEC and firmly believes in the eCash project. eCashers come from different countries and backgrounds; we’re made

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Bcashers 🤦‍♂️

독서 시간 5 After the XEC/BCH split, I was pretty much kicked out of all the main BCH telegram channels. I’m not complaining. That’s their prerogative. But someone

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The biggest eCash whale

독서 시간 3 The other day a new Avalanche peer briefly joined the eCash network with a total stake of 18,934,792,139.08 XEC. It was suddenly the largest staker

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