Imagining if eCash wins

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Ever since I got into crypto, the one thing I’ve been searching for is for someone to describe what the world could look like if crypto actually wins. A world where we no longer have state-backed currencies, and we all use crypto for everything from paying our groceries, to getting paid by our employer. A world where we have not just one, but multiple cryptocurrency networks that can handle millions of transactions per second with ease. A world where we’ve finally separated money from the state, and aren’t forced to give a portion of our earnings to a bunch of useless bureaucrats who get to decide what to do with this money they didn’t earn.

I don’t want to imagine a future of chaos and darkness, I want to imagine what could be, including a world where eCash is the most used cryptocurrency on the planet. A world where we don’t just have 23 Avalanche peers, but 23 million. A world full of individuals, and organizations, that participate in this network by voting on the things they care about in a manner that can’t be faked, or mailed in, because anyone who wants to have a say has to provide proof that they have stake in the game.

A world where instead of governments, we have governance. Instead of central banks that can print money out of thin air to pay for policies people don’t support, we have code and consensus that allows us to determine the most desired outcome by those who have the most to lose. Imagine instead of having to tax citizens, we use the block reward not just to pay miners and stakers, but to build entire cities. Imagine millions of nodes around the world signaling for the infrastructure they want to see, and the builders they want to fund. A world that isn’t controlled by the madness of a mob but by the wisdom of the crowd.

I want a world where people are paid in money that doesn’t lose value over time but maintains its value from one generation to the next. Money that isn’t taken for granted but teaches people the meaning of hard work. Money that is digital yet tangible. Money that lets us collaborate in ways we never thought imaginable, where we are connected not only by geography, or physiology, but by our ideas and our beliefs. I want us to become people who see ourselves as owners, not as renters, or as rent-seekers. People who understand the importance of their private keys as well as their privacy.

I don’t know what the future will bring. There are an infinite number of variables and possibilities. But that doesn’t mean I can’t try to imagine what it might be like, what problems we could encounter along the way, and the solutions we come up with to solve them. It will take any number of incremental steps to get there, but I will attempt to guess what each step in the process might look like and document everything as we go, starting with what I believe comes next: pre-consensus.