Why do I value eCash?

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I value eCash because I believe in what it represents, because I see it as our best chance at changing the course of human history. To me it’s not just your typical investment. I didn’t buy XEC because I want to flip it in a few months, or even a few years. I bought XEC because I want it to change the world.

But I understand it’s not going to happen overnight, and that there’s no guarantee it will succeed. With that said, I like this project’s chances because it has all the necessary ingredients for success.

The eCash project isn’t about making announcements of announcements. It isn’t some VC funded pump and dump looking for future exit liquidity. This is about as real as a project gets in crypto. One that’s led by talented and experienced engineers who are passionate about the mission of increasing the amount of economic freedom in the world.

I value eCash because it’s focused on solving the right problem. That problem of creating a new form of money that can’t be manipulated by bureaucrats while also being the most efficient payment network the world has ever seen.

People are always asking what’s the point of crypto. They want to know where they can spend their eCash today, but I think those people are missing the bigger picture.

For me the point of crypto is to challenge the legacy financial system. To one day serve as an alternative to the dollar, the euro, and the yuan.

Before the invention of Bitcoin there was no way to avoid relying on central authorities or trusted third parties to issue our money or use it across the internet. But Satoshi Nakamoto’s creation allows us to break that cycle and frees us from those institutions. This is a much bigger deal than most people realize.

When people talk about online privacy, they’re usually talking about companies like Facebook and Google. But what we should really be concerned with are banks and credit card companies. Because what happens if these institutions decide you’re no longer a desirable customer? Not because you did anything illegal, but because you did something they simply disagree with. As the world becomes more polarized, I believe we will see this happening more and more often. People’s accounts being frozen through no fault of their own, being cut off from the financial system for no other reason than having an opposing view.

That’s not the kind of world I want to live in. I value privacy and freedom because I believe that what makes humanity so amazing is our ability to explore new ideas. If we limit that ability in any way, if we cause people to self-police or self-censor their views or actions because they’re worried big brother or big corporate is watching them, imagine what a profound impact that can have on our future.

This is the problem that eCash is trying to solve. A world that runs on a decentralized, censorship resistant global financial system can prevent such a scenario. No longer will you have to worry about Paypal or Patreon kicking you from their platform. Never mind having to worry about the rulers of your country printing money at will to disproportionately benefit themselves and their associates.

Instead we can have a new form of money that can do so much more than the antiquated system we have today.

But the truth is that crypto isn’t quite ready to take over the world. Whether you’re talking about Bitcoin, Ethereum, eCash, or any other blockchain project, none of them can currently handle the volume of transactions that would be required to take on Visa.

But I’m confident that the people leading the eCash project are up to the task. I don’t say that lightly. This isn’t about blind faith. I’m invested in this project because I know the people who are working behind the scenes. Over the last several years I’ve had the opportunity of interacting with them and learning from them. I’ve watched and listened to countless interviews and presentations. I’ve seen through their actions and decisions that these individuals are not only honest and pragmatic, but also passionate about what they are trying to achieve. Many of them have been working on Bitcoin related projects for years and are now using their knowledge and experience to make eCash the best money the world has ever seen.

Another way of putting it would be that the project is led by people who are committed to seeing this through. Throughout Bitcoin’s history we’ve seen many people come and go. People who’ve quit when things got tough or didn’t go their way. But not the team behind XEC.

I understand that for many of you the recent price drop is concerning. Maybe you’re questioning your life choices right now and asking yourself why you ever invested in this project to begin with. I sympathize because I’ve been there, but that’s not at all where I’m at now.

When I started this blog I had a handful of readers at best. Now I have readers from all around the world. The point is that like the developers working on the protocol and building the infrastructure, I’m committed to this project and have no plans on quitting. And every day I see more and more people joining this movement because they see what I see and want what I want.

I don’t know what the future holds. I can’t promise you we’re going to kill another zero next month, or that XEC will reach $1 in the next five years, but I can tell you I’m not here to blow smoke or mislead anyone.

I’m here because the world as I knew it seems to be quickly becoming a thing of the past. I’m here because I’m worried about the future my sons will grow up in, and I believe that the best chance to ensure they enjoy the same freedoms I grew up with is by leveraging new technologies like eCash to protect the world against corrupt and ignorant leaders.

Throughout history we’ve seen many civilizations rise and fall. We’ve witnessed the collapse of empires once believed to be invicible, and I can’t help but think part of their demise was as a result of their monetary systems.

While most of us don’t take our money for granted, I’m guessing what we do take for granted is how our money works. Now for the first time we have an opportunity to have a new kind of money that works in an entirely new way. It’s like going from the horse and buggy to the internal combustion engine. From copying things by hand to using the printing press.

Everyone is always asking why they should invest in crypto. They want to know what they can use it for and what its purpose is. I can’t speak for any other project, but I’m invested in eCash because I see it as our best chance at a brighter future. I’m invested in eCash for the sake of my children, and hopefully one day my children’s children.

I support XEC because I support freedom, and because to me there’s no point in being rich if you’re not also free.

I believe that one day in the future you will be able to spend your eCash to buy the things you need no matter where you are in the world, but for now, I’m buying eCash to help preserve our freedom and support those working to build a better future. Can you think of a better way to spend your money?


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