How to earn eCash

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Want to know a secret? There’s a way for you to make money on the internet without having to reveal your identity, providing a bank account, or breaking the law. Money that is borderless and censorship resistant. Money that isn’t controlled by any governments or corporations. Money that was created through code and consensus.

I’m talking about the funding that is available through the eCash global network council, or GNC, which has access to a general fund that can be used to pay for various projects to help grow the eCash ecosystem. At the current price, the GNC is collecting a little over $140K per month that can be used to fund everything from new eCash related applications, to marketing and community building efforts.

If you are a developer, or someone with the ability to contribute value to the eCash ecosystem, and want to earn eCash for your work, you can apply for funding through the GNC.

I see the GNC as a new kind of venture capital, one that is public, not private. One that isn’t limited by geography or jurisdiction, and is run by stakeholders in the eCash network who seek to increase the value of their holdings, not the holdings of their LPs.

Unlike other network states, the eCash network state has a formal mechanism in place to invest in entrepreneurs and builders to help grow the ecosystem. A mechanism that doesn’t require you to jump through legal hoops, but is based solely on merit and proof of work.

But don’t expect to earn eCash by doing something that’s easy, something that anyone can do. If you want to earn eCash, you will be required to prove your work. But if you’ve been wanting to build something in crypto, and just lacked the incentive, this could be the perfect opportunity to both test your skills and get paid at the same time.

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