eCashers 🙌

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What is an eCasher? It’s anyone who holds XEC and firmly believes in the eCash project. eCashers come from different countries and backgrounds; we’re made up of crypto OGs, as well as those just getting started on their crypto journey and everyone in between.

eCash is different from other cryptocurrencies that attempt to manipulate people using crypto influencers to hype their project. Those who find eCash do so by doing their own research and learning about its fundamentals.

eCashers believe in economic freedom and the freedom to exit. No one is forced to buy, mine, or build on eCash, but anyone is free to do so without having to ask for permission.

eCashers are willing to adapt and evolve. The eCash project was created as a legitimate Bitcoin fork that gives people another alternative, a chain with new rules and incentives anchored in free market principles.

eCashers aren’t afraid to trust people to act in good faith because we can verify who has or hasn’t proven their work. eCashers don’t assume everyone is an adversary because it’s possible, instead we put in measures to protect ourselves against potential adversaries should they arise.

eCashers are aligned in their incentives. We want holders, miners, and builders to all profit together, to participate in what might be the greatest positive-sum game we have ever witnessed as a civilization.

eCashers are about accelerating progress, not slowing it down. While other projects halt or delay their upgrade schedules, the eCash project remains steady as she goes.

eCashers don’t waste their time arguing about trivialities, or dwelling on mistakes of the past, they focus on the future they desire and the progress being made towards making it a reality.

eCashers plan for success, not failure. eCashers aren’t looking for a quick money grab but have the patience and perseverance to do what’s best to ensure the long-term growth of the project.

eCashers understand that to create a global payment system you need dedicated professionals for the job, not just a bunch of hobbyists. We know what it means to build something of lasting value unlike some meme coins that admit having no intrinsic value or expectations of financial return.

eCashers see themselves as investors, not speculators. While other projects boast about having no formal team or roadmap, eCashers highly value and support the development team and their roadmap. Because eCashers don’t invest based on a hope and a prayer, but on sound fundamentals and proper incentives.

I believe the reason eCashers are so diverse is because the eCash project represents what most of us seek and strive for in ourselves. To not be afraid to make the tough decisions, or to stand against the majority, or to surround ourselves with A-players. We strive not to blame others for our personal decisions but own our choices and hold ourselves accountable. eCash isn’t a protest movement, because we aren’t here to fight the old but to build the new.

If you share these values, I invite you to look into the eCash project to learn more. In my next article I will go over some eCash basics to help those who are interested.