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Temps de lecture: 5 minutes

After the XEC/BCH split, I was pretty much kicked out of all the main BCH telegram channels. I’m not complaining. That’s their prerogative. But someone who is in those channels let me know that I was a topic of conversation recently, as was the eCash project overall.

Apparently it all started when someone entered the chat asking if they should buy BCH or XEC, and the discussion that ensued went on over hours. Based on what I was told it sounded like there was a lot of misinformation being spread about myself as well as the eCash project, so I thought I would write an article to clarify some things. Remember I’m hearing all this second hand since I’ve been banned from those channels, so apologies if I’m getting anything wrong but here’s the synopsis I was given: (1) Cain is paid by the IFP. (2) Amaury is raking in the IFP money. (3) My article, ‘The IFP: 8% v. 32%’ is pure cope. (4) The BCH roadmap is basically done and ABC’s roadmap is only there to dangle as a carrot to keep people from getting mad for taking more money.

Let’s take each of these claims one at a time.

Cain is paid by the IFP

Not sure how many times I have to refute this claim, but it just isn’t true. I’ve never received a single XEC from ABC or the IFP. You can call me a liar and question my integrity all you want, but it won’t change the truth. In a way this is the perfect example of the level of derangement you will find in some Bcashers. They accuse and badmouth people with no justification or evidence. For those who think I’m paid to promote eCash, let me remind you that for three years I promoted BCH without getting paid a cent either. I wrote hundreds of articles on Bitcoin Cash supported sites like Yours.org, Honest.cash and Read.cash. I did this not because I was paid but because I had skin in the game. I continue to do it for eCash because I hold XEC and am passionate about this technology and what it might do for not just me and my family, but for all of humanity. In fact, the Bcashers have it totally backwards since I’ve donated thousands of dollars of my own money to help ABC and the eCash community at large, not the other way around. Maybe it’s hard for them to comprehend that someone could devote so much time and energy to something that isn’t his job, but I guess I’m just built different. It’s both sad and disappointing to hear that BCH supporters continue to question my motivation. I like to think that in the three years that I participated in the BCH community, I was never anything but genuine and sincere. But I guess this is exactly why I left the Bitcoin Cash community. I see it as a community that’s been poisoned by people who are filled with spite and jealousy while refusing to see the good in people no matter how much evidence they are given.

Amaury is raking in the IFP money

In case you haven’t been following Bitcoin ABC’s code lately, Deadalnix hasn’t committed anything in a long time. I’m not in ABC so I can’t say for sure what his involvement is these days, but I’m guessing his hands are full dealing with the ridiculous lawsuit brought on by Craig Wright. A lawsuit, I might add, that Amaury and another former ABC developer–Jason Cox–are facing as a result of their work on BCH. But rather than helping them with legal bills, which I think would be the honorable thing to do, the BCH community would rather accuse Amaury of grifting off the IFP. Again, it shows you how Bcashers think. Many still have Amaury derangement syndrome despite the fact that their chain wouldn’t even exist if Amaury hadn’t written the code. From my experience, Bcashers seem to lose their minds or their ability to reason when someone else has an opinion that differs from their own. For example, anyone with half a brain would be able to see that this claim that Amaury is raking in the IFP money is moronic. Some basic math shows that neither Amaury, or anyone else in ABC, is getting rich from the IFP. Hopefully one day that will change, but if it does, ABC will have earned every bit of it. As I mentioned in my previous article, the value of 8% of the block reward is currently about $650K/year with only $325K going to ABC, and the other half going to the GNC. Based on my observations, ABC employs, or has employed around 6-10 people since the eCash fork was created. That means we’re talking about an average salary of $54K per person assuming only 6 people are on the payroll. I can tell you right now that nobody is getting rich on a $54k annual salary. I suggest people learn how to do basic math before assuming the absolute worst in people.

My article, ‘The IFP: 8% v. 32%’ is pure cope

For my non-American readers, cope is short for coping mechanism, as in a way for someone to deal with stress, difficult emotions, or challenging situations. According to some Bcashers, my enthusiasm for increasing the IFP was nothing but cope. Again, Bcashers seem to be unable to look at a situation from any perspective other than their own narrow one. While I can understand why someone might be concerned about the change, in my opinion they don’t need to be for the reasons I wrote about. And to be honest, I have seen almost no eCashers acting concerned. All the concern trolling seems to be coming from Bcashers who don’t even hold any XEC. Maybe they’re the ones who are trying to cope with the fact that after three years, eCash isn’t dead, seems to be gaining momentum, and increasing the IFP will only mean more resources to continue building the best form of electronic cash the world has ever seen.

The BCH roadmap is basically done and ABC’s roadmap is only there to dangle as a carrot to keep people from getting mad for taking more money

Now this is what you call cope. An utterly ridiculous statement for many reasons. First, if BCH’s roadmap is basically done, I feel bad for Bcashers since that would mean they have nothing left to look forward to. As for ABC’s roadmap, the idea that it’s only there to justify their salaries is yet another example of the Bcasher mentality and their inability to differentiate fact from fiction. Since eCash forked and the IFP was created, a ton of work has been done to build the protocol, the infrastructure, and the community. But those of us following the eCash project closely also realize there’s still a ton of work left to do such as finishing Avalanche pre-consensus, activation of subnets, adaptive block sizes, sharding, and much more. Think about it this way, the typical Bcasher believes that the members of ABC, highly skilled engineers who have only proven their work over the last 6+ years, are using the IFP to pay themselves for doing nothing. One look at the code will tell you otherwise, not to mention all the empirical evidence demonstrating how much progress eCash has made. Compare this to all the flipstarters that have been funded with nothing to show for it. Instead of pointing fingers at members of another community, I suggest Bcashers worry about the actual grifters in their own midst. And for the last time, just look at the difference in the number of commits in the ABC repository versus that of BCHN. It’s night and day. If I was a BCH supporter I’d be complaining about that and not what others are doing.

ABC repository: https://reviews.bitcoinabc.org/feed/

BCHN repository: https://gitlab.com/bitcoin-cash-node/bitcoin-cash-node/-/commits/master


I know not every BCH supporter is a moron, but at this point I can’t tell if that’s the exception or the rule. What I do know is that I’m tired of their bad takes and false accusations. I also know that it’s useless to try and convince a Bcasher they’re wrong, but I at least wanted to set the record straight in case there are still some BCH supporters who form their opinion based on facts and logic rather than emotions. For me, honesty is important. I know that if I saw someone making false accusations about another person, even if it’s someone I didn’t like, I’d speak the truth rather than spreading lies.