Announcing the Grand Prize Winners of #100millionXEC100days

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I’ve already written about the giveaway in previous articles, so I thought I’d just share a few facts.

The giveaway started on August 11 and ended exactly 100 days later on November 18.

You can find all the winners in this thread (Twitter makes it hard to find a couple of the days but I assure you all 100 are there):

There were a total of 73 different winners, not counting the final 1M XEC, which I decided to distribute 1000 XEC at a time to 1000 different people. If you’d like to receive 1000 XEC so you can try using it, follow the directions on this tweet:

There were winners from every continent except for Antarctica (as far as I know).

Of the 73 winners, a total of 8 different people won more than once, with the most frequent winner having won 5 times. I am happy to say that each of the grand prize winners comes from this group of 8.

Before I reveal who they are, let me again thank all the winners as well as everyone else who took part over the past 100 days. This whole thing would have meant nothing without each of your contributions and everyone’s positive encouragement. I was happy to see that there are so many talented and passionate individuals who believe in this project and its mission to change civilization as we know it.

In addition to all the participants, I want to also thank @Sedona_Biz for believing in what I was doing and donating 50M XEC without ever asking for anything in return. It’s only because of his generosity and commitment to the eCash community that I’m able to award 25M, 15M, and 10M XEC to each of our grand prize winners.

Not only that but I also received an additional 2M XEC donation from @exa_lib during the giveaway as well, and I’ve decided to award that for honorable mention, which I’ve decided is none other than 3-time winner @leleng_joe for his Mobile Legends tournament.

Held at the end of October, Joe used his eSports tournament as an opportunity to promote and educate others about eCash. (Also a special shout out to @printMMT for putting up the 1.75M XEC that was given out as prizes.) I was so impressed by all the work and effort Joe must have put into making this a successful event. He’s been a part of this since pretty much the beginning since he’s the winner from way back on day 3, and he’s always been positive throughout. Check out some of the pictures of the event below:

In third place and winning 10M XEC, I have chosen 4-time winner @fcm620 for her site “Made for eCash” is so easy to remember and I love how the site has become my go-to place whenever I’m looking for links to all the various tools that have been created by this young community. (We’ve been through so much in such a short period of time isn’t it hard to believe this project is barely four months old?) Our third place winner is also the creator of both the Alpha and Breeze telegram bots, and I hope to see her continue iterating and adding value to this community for years to come.

Winning second place and 15M XEC, we have another 4-time winner in @Alitayin for her work on WIthout my even asking, she volunteered her services the moment I mentioned I was having an issue with the platform I was using before, and she spent the next couple of months helping me create what you are seeing and reading now. Without her help I don’t know what I would have done. Alita’s also the creator of (pictured below),, and contributed some of the design work seen on the cashtab web wallet. She is someone who is always generous with her skills and happy to help others in the eCash community, and I’m thankful that she found this project.

And last but not least, first place and 25M XEC goes to our only 5-time winner @pungentaura and his I literally bought an Oculus 2 just to try it, and seeing it in the “metaverse” is 10 times better than in 2D (and without the motion sickness). Sorry my video is such poor quality but I’m a VR noob:

And if that wasn’t enough, he is also the developer behind the eCash dividend calculator, the paper wallet generator, the eToken tracker, not to mention the new NFT project he recently previewed:

He’s also pretty good at video editing =)

I will reach out to all four of the winners on Twitter to get a current address where I can send their eCash.

Thanks again to everyone who followed along and made it worth all the time and energy it took to get through the past 100 days.

I know the #100millionXEC100days giveaway is over, but I see this as a beginning, not an ending, because I honestly believe that the eCash project is just getting started.