Something special is happening with eCash

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s only been a month since the eCash brand was launched and there are already telegram channels with supporters from Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, China, Turkey, Philippines, Italy, Russia, India, and who knows where else.

This is a different kind of adoption. I’m not talking about one or two cities with a few dozen merchants that accept the coin. I’m talking about people from all over the world finding out about this project and wanting to be a part of something special. Not through in person meet-ups, but as citizens of the global internet.

It’s early yet. The project still needs to grow by many orders of magnitude in order reach escape velocity, but I can’t help be excited because after four long years in crypto, I’m finally experiencing something new again. This isn’t about paying for followers or likes. This is real organic growth in a way that I never imagined was possible.

To put it into perspective, the official eCash channel has surpassed 1400 members in less than a month. But more importantly, the channel went from 1000 members to 1406 members in just a couple of days. For comparison, the largest Bitcoin Cash channel has less than 1600 members, and that project has been around for four years. I think eCash can do better.

If you asked me why this is happening, I couldn’t tell you. I have no clue how so many people are finding out about this project, but I want to believe that when they do, they can sense this project is different, that it stands out from the thousands of pretenders out there because this project has soul.

I’m excited for the future. I’m excited to find others who share my values and goals so that we can cheer each other on as we each contribute in our own way. This is only the beginning. Like I said a couple posts back, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and there’s still a lot of work left to be done before we cross the finish line.