The Commitment

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With the official launch of the eCash project now underway, I thought this would be a good time to explain to any new readers what this site is about.

First of all, let me say that I am in no way connected to the Bitcoin ABC team. They have never paid me to support their project or have any influence over what I choose to write. I simply share their goal of increasing the amount of freedom in the world and believe they have what it takes to successfully accomplish their mission.

For a little background, I discovered Bitcoin in 2017 just before the BTC/BCH split. I have been obsessed with it ever since and have been writing about it for nearly as long. Prior to starting this blog, I wrote extensively on where I published over 160 articles and amassed over 42,000 views. Prior to that I published on and, both of which have now been abandoned like so many other projects in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. This is in part why I started, a site that I alone control and don’t have to rely on anyone else maintaining.

So what is the commitment?

I’m committed to staying true to my beliefs and not being afraid to stand against the majority. I’m committed to supporting the eCash project and helping it grow to the best of my ability. I will strive to always call out what I consider to be bad behavior, while also being willing to admit whenever I am wrong or made a mistake.

I’m committed to publishing quality content. Useful information conveyed in an easy to read manner with the occasional piece of entertainment thrown in for good measure.

Much like Bitcoin ABC, I’m committed to not giving up. This site is only 6 months old, but if I’ve learned anything these past four years, it’s that it takes time to build something of real value. I’m just getting started, and I’m hoping that through my writing I can share my journey with you dear reader.

If you’re looking for trading advice, this blog isn’t for you. I’m not committed to becoming rich just for the sake of being rich. I’m committed to building wealth to help shape the world and push it in the direction I want. And what I want is for all of humanity to have more freedom, not less.

To me more freedom doesn’t mean giving everyone handouts so they can sit on their couch and watch Netflix all day. It means giving everyone the opportunity to pursue their passions and be able to profit from their work without having anyone steal from their efforts by threatening them with violence.

I’m committed to staying open minded and hearing all sides of an argument rather than blindly following others. Not that I see this happening, but should Bitcoin ABC steer the eCash project in a direction I don’t like, I’m committed to voicing my opinion rather than staying silent so as to not rock the boat.

I’m committed to never pandering for views. I’m committed to staying humble, and hungry, while maintaining my sense of humor. This site isn’t a grift. It’s a passion project. Because there are some things in life you do for money, and some things you do for love. This site fits into the latter.

I’m committed to not wasting anyone’s time but building your trust and becoming someone worth listening to. I’m committed to spreading the message of personal responsibility because I believe without it we are doomed.

But most of all, I’m committed to keep working and to keep writing for as long as I can to help reduce the role of the government while increasing the amount of freedom in the world.

​(Bonus clue 8: This word is made up of two syllables, the second of which can be a boy’s name)