The Power of eCash

Reading Time: 3 minutes

In today’s crypto world, there are so many coins and tokens to choose from how do you tell the legitimate projects from the scammy ones? How do you decide which developers know what they’re doing, and which ones have no clue?

With literally thousands of projects to choose from, even experts will find it difficult to make the right choices, so where does that leave an average joe who has no background in computer science, or cryptography, or economics?

Well, I’m that average joe, and while I can’t speak for anyone else, I thought I’d share my reasons for choosing the eCash project over the thousands of other cryptocurrencies out there.

Obviously there’s no way I can do a deep dive on every project listed on I don’t have the time nor the desire. But lucky for me I don’t particularly feel like I need to, because the eCash project seems to already offer everything I’m looking for out of a cryptocurrency.

Yes it has a solid roadmap, a solid engineering team, and a decent runway, but I’m talking about more than such fundamentals. It’s also about more than just a network’s speed or security. It’s about infrastructure, and sustainability, and overall user experience.

Despite what some may think, my goal isn’t to buy low and sell high. I’m not here to dump my XEC at the top. My goal is much bigger than that, but part of my goal is to eventually be someone who gets paid doing what he loves, and what I love doing more than anything is writing.

I’m not saying I need to be on the NY Times Best Seller’s list. I don’t have to write the next great American novel. But I do want to get paid for my work, even if it’s just a few cents worth of XEC from each person who reads one of my articles. And that simply wasn’t possible before the advent of crypto.

The beauty of crypto is that it opens the door to all kinds of new opportunities. It creates new incentives that can lead to new outcomes. It offers new mechanisms to reward those who create more value in the world in a way that was previously impossible.

But that’s only true if people build the necessary tools and infrastructure to make it accessible for anyone to leverage this technology for their own purposes. Anyone like me, just another anonymous person on the internet who is seeking your attention.

The fact that you’re currently reading these words means I’ve at least managed to achieve a minimum level of success, and it’s all thanks to the eCash project. I did this by giving away hundreds of millions of XEC over the years while relying on the infrastructure built by the eCash developers. I’ve used their wallets and explorers to create games and giveaways with participants from all over the world. And because I’ve actually used these things, I can honestly say they not only worked, but I found the overall eCash ecosystem to offer some of the best user experiences in all of crypto.

Whereas other chains are too expensive to use, or too slow, or unreliable, eCash more than met my needs. The recent launch of PayButton is only going to give me yet another powerful tool to try new experiments and discover new ways of furthering my goals.

I chose eCash because it just works, and I’ve yet to find another project out there that even comes close. But perhaps the most exciting thing of all is we’re still just getting started. I can’t wait to share more articles and more buttons to help me discover what people are interested in and willing to pay for. That’s the beauty of the free market. (Pick one.)