What is eCash?

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Unfortunately, eCash isn’t something that can easily be explained. I’m guessing most people will have to be shown what eCash is before they will ever understand it. It’s why I’m so keen on enabling Paybutton on ProofofWriting.com as soon as it becomes available, because I think it will give me a way to show people what eCash is all about. But until then, my words will have to do.

Speaking of words, the other day I ran an XEC giveaway on Twitter asking people to reveal one word they associate with the eCash project. There were more than 250 replies but here’s a sample of the responses:

Purposeful Sustainable Essential Limitless Innovation Evolution Revolution Futuristic Dynamic Farsighted Adaptable Breakthrough Global Unstoppable Consistency Trusted Independent Community Faith Resilient Sovereign Money Hope Beautiful Perseverance Freedom

Freedom was by far the most common response, and what this tells me is that while eCash may be hard to explain, there are still plenty of people who already understand the goal of this project. People who will be seen as the innovators and early adopters in the next cycle.

So what is eCash?

eCash is all of the words above and more. It’s unstoppable money; it’s about consistency and perseverance; it’s money that can be trusted and resilient. But most of all it’s about freedom.

The freedom to make a living. The freedom to transact with anyone in the world. The freedom to not be ruled by any masters.

If there’s one thing the eCash project has done for me, it’s opening my eyes and giving me a new perspective on things I never thought about before. Like the importance of the free market, and the sheer amount of taxes I pay to a government I didn’t choose, and the fact that my freedom is both conditional and fragile.

This is why I’m so passionate about helping the eCash project succeed. To preserve the free market, to be once and for all be rid of unnecessary taxes, and to one day live in a world without rulers and truly be free.

The eCash project aims to make all this possible by finally giving us a tool that enables such freedom. Never before in human history have we had the ability to create a form of money that doesn’t require a central authority. A form of money that can simultaneously act as both a good store-of-value as well as a a good medium-of-exchange. This is a breakthrough technology that can change civilization forever. Much like the printing press, the internal combustion engine, the internet, and all the other technologies that have drastically improved the lives of human beings on this planet over the centuries, I believe a scalable and reliable form of electronic cash will lead to the next great leap for mankind.

eCash can only achieve this by becoming independent of those in power today and remaining free from the manipulation of central bankers. Free from being controlled by untrustworthy third parties like PayPal or your local bank. Free from being debased by politicians who care less about their citizens than they do about maintaining their power over them.

This is why Satoshi invented eCash. It’s why the cryptocurrency space grew from a handful of cypherpunks to a global phenomenon with limitless potential.

I believe the ability to transact peer-to-peer can connect us in ways never before possible, but only if enough people are willing to build and choose freedom over slavery, peace over war, and strength over ignorance.