Something New

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Believe it or not, I didn’t start this blog so I could only write about eCash. I started it because I wanted to write about everything. Partly because I love writing, the act of doing it, the output when done well, and partly because I feel I have something worth sharing. I don’t know, maybe that’s cringe, or too earnest, but it’s also honest.

Right now I find myself wondering, what’s my motivation for sharing these random thoughts that come into my head. Maybe it’s because I hope my boys will read this one day. That it can be my way of communicating with them in the future. But as nice as all that sounds, I don’t think that can be my only reason.

If I had to choose, I guess the bottom line is I hope to create something others find valuable. Not just my sons, but strangers. Maybe that’s our purpose in life, to create value for others, which when you really think about it, means people have to be willing to pay for what you’ve created.

So that’s why I’m going to be trying something new here. I’ll still be writing about eCash, but I’m also going to write for myself with the hope that other people see value in my work. That’s why after the launch of Paybutton, you will have to pay 1000 XEC to read posts like this one.

Who knows, maybe the world will tell me no one finds any value in my writing, but at least I’ll have tried and found out. Knowing me, I’ll probably just keep writing anyway.