Redefining community (and the 10 winners who came up with ideas on how to 10x the eCash community)

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The word community can mean different things to different people. To some, it represents family. For others, it symbolizes the dangers of collectivism. But what if it’s neither? 

For me, I see community as a means to an end, rather than the end in and of itself. For example, maybe your goal is to raise your kids in a safe environment with plenty of children to play with. You can find a community for that.

Maybe you’re trying to build a profitable business. Whether it’s a small restaurant, or the next Google, you’ll need a community of people to work together to make the venture successful. The people you hire will hopefully achieve their goal of finding a good job, while helping you to achieve your goal of building a profitable business.

To put it another way, I think communities should be seen as a tool more than anything else. This is why I don’t think we should ever be asking what’s best for the community, because why would you ask what’s best for the tool. The tool is something to be used to fulfill a purpose. To me the purpose of a community is to give people the opportunity to do what’s best for themselves, to act in their own interest. 

I joined the eCash community not just because I wanted to help Bitcoin ABC, but because I wanted to help myself. Because I saw the value in what they were trying to build and the opportunity it represented. An opportunity to change the world as we know it, and get rich in the process. 

The kind of community I’m interested in is one where we work together so we can all benefit, not one that asks me to sacrifice for the sake of the community itself. Because who even gets to decide what’s best for a community? But what we can do is decide what’s best for ourselves.

I am part of the eCash community because I believe it offers me what I’m looking for. A chance to be part of a team, not in order to win some meaningless trophy, but to win back our freedom.

The question is, how do we find more like minded people so we can quickly 10x the size of the eCash community? I tweeted this last week hoping for ideas:

As promised, I’ve read through the more than 200 comments and selected ten winners. Keep in mind many answers were similar, so in some instances I simply had to choose one. Apologies if yours wasn’t chosen.

I agree that organic growth through word of mouth is important. The key is finding the right message, as well as the right people who are willing to see the light.

A faucet that gives out XEC so new people can experience the magic of peer-to-peer electronic cash is a great idea. The question is how do you stop people from abusing it? I hope someone out there has the answer.

Fliers are a great idea! Just the eCash logo with the URL of the website, and a sentence or two to grab the reader’s attention could work.

Merchandise never hurts. I would love to see a merchandise section on the website where you can buy t-shirts, key chains, stickers, and more for XEC.

I chose Anderson’s response because it reminded me I need to publish more frequently and more consistently. Must work harder.

Sedona’s idea is to win over BCH holders and convince them that XEC is the superior chain. The magical flippening. I’ve been chasing the flippening since 2017, will this finally be the year? In any case, I will try to write an article explaining why I think eCash beats Bitcoin Cash.

I love that the eCash community is active every day, no matter what the price is doing. This community isn’t going anywhere.

I’ll hold an AMA soon. More information to come.

Stasher asks a great question here. What incentives do new people have to join the eCash community? The answer has to be that joining the eCash community will make your life better in some way. Now we just need to show everyone how.

Everyone knows good marketing is essential, but as they say, good products sell themselves. Marcio’s response perfectly encapsulates that when he says what’s needed is “to explain the importance of the project, why it is unique and different, in an easy way for everyone to understand.”

Coincidentally, that’s what I strive to do with this blog, and it’s why I’m awarding Marcio with the extra extra 1M XEC reward. Because eCash doesn’t need gimmicks, all we need to do is tell the truth and help others see why this project is so important and unique.

Thank you as always to everyone who participated. Based on the responses, I have no doubt that this community is going to 10x sooner than we think.