The Why

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Why did I start this site? Why have I invested a significant portion of my net worth into BCHA and devoted countless hours of my life learning all that I can about this project and its storied history? Or as someone recently asked me, why do I work so hard on this stuff?

And what about you? Why are you taking up precious time out of your day to read these words? I’m not offering you trading advice, or promising “huge gainz” if you buy BCHA, so why are you here?

I think there’s only one satisfactory answer to all of these questions and it’s this: We want to believe.

This isn’t just about making money, or becoming financially independent, because everyone wants that. Whether your particular passion happens to be sports, music, fashion, literature, crypto, or just about anything else, it’s probably safe to assume that becoming wealthy is at least one of your desired outcomes. But that shouldn’t be your purpose.

So what is our purpose? What do we believe in? And why are we here?

For me, the simple answer is that I believe in justice, and my purpose is to do everything in my power to bring about a more just world. A world where people choose to do the right thing, not the easy thing. I’m embarrassed to say that up until recently, all I wanted was to have an easy life, so I always chose the path of least resistance. But I can see that by doing that I wasn’t making the world more just, I was only contributing to the problem.

It’s not hard to see that our world is at a critical moment in time. The stakes are as high as they’ve ever been. The rights and freedoms many of us have taken for granted our entire lives suddenly appear to be in jeopardy, so now is not the time to worry about being comfortable, or fall asleep at the wheel, it’s time to open our eyes and start caring about the world we live in. For ourselves, for our loved ones, and for those who will come after us.

If our only reason for existing is to make as much money as possible and that’s all we care about, we’re hardly better than a tyrant who is ruled by nothing more than his greed and his lust, someone who is a slave to his own darkest desires. I believe that justice isn’t about allowing our souls to become enslaved by the worst in us, but to grant ourselves the ability to be governed by wisdom and reason.

That’s what I believe, and I want to live in a world where I’m surrounded by others who share that belief. It’s why I support Bitcoin ABC and the BCHA project. I believe that BCHA has the potential to help usher in the world I want to see, and I want to participate and help bring that world to fruition. A world where we have the freedom to choose the leaders we want to follow because they inspire us, not because we are told we have no other choice.

If that sounds like the kind of world you want, I urge you to learn more about BCHA and everything it stands for. I think what you’re going to find is that this is more than just another crypto project.