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Upping the ante for the 100M XEC giveaway

It’s been 15 days since I started my 100 million XEC giveaway. The plan was to reward one person 1M XEC each day for what I thought was the best eCash related meme, gif, video, article, or anything else you could think of.

As mentioned previously, I started it on a whim and had no idea what to expect. An interesting experiment, nothing more. I’m now 15 days in and I have to say the results so far have been better than expected. Thank you to everyone who’s shown interest and made an effort to compete. It’s clear the eCash crowd is a talented and enthusiastic bunch, which isn’t a bad combo. So if you haven’t won, please don’t feel bad, you are up against some great people and it’s all subjective, anyway.

Now that a couple of weeks have gone by it’s also given me a chance to think about a few things. For example, what I’m looking for. I thought it might help to give people some guidance on what will improve their chances of winning while also helping me find more of what I’m looking for. I’ve come up with the following five categories:

Execution: This one’s simple. The higher the quality the better.

Originality: If I go on your timeline and see a bunch of memes/gifs with the same design except you’ve swapped it for some other coin’s logo for some other meme contest, you’re probably not going to win. Memes can be copied, there’s nothing wrong with doing that, but I’m looking to reward people who believe eCash can be something special.

Creativity: I know this probably sounds a lot like originality, but to me there’s a difference. You can be original without being creative. It’s hard to explain creativity, but I’ll know it when I see it.

Utility: Most entries so far are pictures and videos. But I’d love to also see some longer form content that focus on informing people about what eCash is. YouTube videos or well-written articles that help others learn about eCash while also managing to hold their attention.

Technology: I wasn’t sure if I should include this category because this might be a tall ask, but the greatest entry would be something like a website that showcases eCash in some way. Even better if the site allowed people to actually experience making an eCash transaction and seeing it in action.

I know I might be expecting a little too much, so that’s why I’m upping the ante and seeing what happens.

When I started this whole thing the plan was to give out 1 million XEC per day for 100 days. That’s it. I pledged 100M XEC of my own to do this. Not because 100M XEC is nothing to me, but because once I got the idea, I couldn’t let it go.

And then something unexpected happen. About a week into the experiment someone generously offered to foot half the bill, no strings attached. I was blown away, and also a little relieved. Blown away that someone would do this for nothing in return, and a little relieved because my cost was getting cut by 50%.

But after thinking about it, I’ve decided reducing my original contribution is a cop out. I said I would give out 100M XEC, so that’s what I plan to do, and the extra 50M eCash I received from the generous donor will be used as part of a grand prize going to the top 3 daily winners of my choosing at the end of the 100 days. I will reward 25M, 15M and 10M XEC, respectfully, to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. This will be in addition to the 1M they already received for the day they won. Think of a daily win as your ticket into the finals and a chance to win one of the grand prizes. 

Like last time, I have no idea what to expect. Nobody knows what the value of XEC will be 85 days from now, but I wish everyone the best, and most importantly, I hope people have fun =)

If you want to participate, your best bet is to submit your entry and tag me on twitter.