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The first ever puzzle contest

UPDATE: Puzzle has been solved!

Winning words: ribbon credit ask ticket either input affair convince glow machine scene piece


The first person to figure out all 12 words that go with each of the clues below earns the 10 BCHA sitting in this address.

Additionally, the first person to tag me on Twitter with the correct 12 words (no typos) gets another 10 BCHA. That’s 20 BCHA in total if you do both. For those who are unfamiliar with what a 12 word seed phrase is, read this.

When you think you’ve figured it out, go to > Settings > Import Wallet and enter the 12 words in order to gain access to the prize money. Here’s a 12 word seed phrase you can input just for fun (I’ve put 1000 POW tokens in the wallet but you’ll need to deposit a little BCHA to move them):

guilt sheriff behind pyramid raw student unfair worry denial caught derive mule

Why am I doing this? Because I thought it would be a fun way to promote I’m worried this will be a little too easy for some of you, but I’m hoping the contest lasts long enough to help promote the site. Maybe I’ll even throw in extra hints in future articles, so please keep visiting for upcoming posts. 

Good luck, and thanks for playing =)

  1. Something you find on a typewriter
  2. Something intangible that you can both give and take
  3. This word is an anagram for a style of music
  4. The last time I got one of these it cost me several hundred dollars
  5. Remove one letter from this word and you’ll get the name of a familiar cryptocurrency
  6. This word is an anagram for a very famous person’s name
  7. Some people have these but it’s generally frowned upon
  8. Something I’m often trying to do with my writing
  9. Name of a Netflix show I only watched a few episodes of
  10. Word that can be used to describe a device, a person, or an organization
  11. Part of a story
  12. This word has a homonym that also happens to be a Bip39 word (Might be the only homonym pair in the entire 2048 word list, but I haven’t confirmed)