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Cashtab: An intro to the BCHA web wallet

Cashtab is a web wallet you can use to send and receive BCHA and SLPA tokens (soon to be called eCash and eTokens). It’s web based so you don’t even need to download an app to send and receive your electronic cash. It’s simple to use, but here’s a quick primer on the main features:


What you see above is the home screen. At the top you have your standard QR code and below that you can choose between your BCHA address (orange) or your SLPA address (green). You can also choose between seeing your Transaction History or your Tokens.

Down at the bottom of the screen you will see four buttons as follows:

Wallet – Main page for your addresses as described above

Tokens – Create your own tokens (more on this later)

Send – Send BCHA either using your camera to scan a QR code or by pasting an address into the address bar

Settings – Where you will find your backup seed phrase or input a seed phrase to import a wallet, as well as create new wallets so you can use multiple addresses for added privacy. (Don’t forget to save your seed phrase somewhere in case you need to ever recover your wallet)

That’s pretty much it. Now all you need is some BCHA to try it out, which is where I’m hoping to come in.

I recently minted 1 million POW tokens that I’m giving out to my readers as a token of my appreciation. The reason I minted 1 million is because that’s how many bits are in a Bitcoin (1 bit being the equivalent of 100 satoshis).

I intend to keep half the POW tokens I minted and give out the other 500,000 to anyone who wants them. All I ask is you want them and try not to lose them. Once I’ve given out 500,000 (so far I’ve given away 4,500) I am hoping that Bitcoin ABC will have implemented the dividend payment tool for Cashtab allowing me to easily send dividend payments to all POW token holders.

For example, for each BCHA paid as a dividend, you will be paid 1 bit for every POW token you hold. If you have 1,000 POW tokens and I send 10 BCHA as a dividend, you will receive 10,000 bits in your wallet.

I look at this an experiment on incentives. I am giving away my POW tokens to incentivize token holders to help me make a success. Hopefully one day I manage to generate revenue from the site itself that I will then share with all POW token holders, 50/50. Until then, I will be issuing small dividends out of my own pocket as appreciation for reaching specific milestones like a BCHA faucet.

So if you’re interested in getting some free POW tokens, go to, get your SLPA address, then tag me on Twitter (not Telegram) with your SLPA address.

That’s pretty much it. Looking forward to handing out more POW tokens and seeing where this goes.

(FYI Cashtab can also be downloaded as a browser extension here.)