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A better world

Everyone says they want a better world, but what does that exactly mean? I’m guessing it means different things for different people, as that always seems to be the case.

Earlier today I described for some friends the kind of world I want to live in. I said I want a world where everyone’s property rights were protected, and we were guaranteed safety from foreign invaders. That’s all. Then one of them said I was describing utopia.

Maybe he’s right, but I don’t see why such a world has to be a fantasy. I have to believe that the vast majority of humans on this planet are good, that they believe in the right to have a place in this world where they don’t have to worry about being bothered by men with guns. A world where you’re free to live your best life, no matter what circumstances you were born into, so long as you aren’t bothering anyone else.

I’m not saying I expect a world without evil. There will always be evil in all men’s hearts, but I also believe that the vast majority of us have more good than evil inside us.

I suppose one problem is everyone seems to have a different idea of what’s good. For example, what do you do when half the people are convinced we need to wear masks or we’re gonna die, while the other half are convinced the masks and the lockdowns are doing more damage than the pandemic itself?

Maybe there’s no convincing either side, but I want a world where we can reason with one another as we work towards the truth. Where we fight with ideas, not weapons. I want a world where violence is only intended to be used for self-defense. Not from hurt feelings, but from physical harm.

Not too long ago someone said to me, “You’ve got to plan for success.”

The moment I heard it I realized he was right, because what’s the point of trying something if you only plan to fail?

So I started asking myself what does success mean to me? I used to think success was about achieving financial independence, about providing for my family and giving them the best, but I see now that what I’m describing isn’t so much success, just a comfortable life.

Instead I believe that what it means to truly succeed is to change the world for the better, to have a positive impact on humanity by contributing value, not just consuming it.

Now if only I can figure out what I have to contribute.