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On reaching 15,000 followers and how you can enter for your chance to win 1M XEC!

To celebrate reaching 15K followers (which is crazy!), I’ve promised to give away 1M XEC to 15 different people (15M XEC in total).

Which got me asking myself, why do I keep giving out XEC? Am I just an attention whore? Am I trying to make myself out to be some generous benefactor? Is it because I think it’s going to make my XEC holdings more valuable?

I’m afraid I don’t really know, but here’s one thing that came to mind. If you’ve been in crypto for any length of time, you have to have seen all the scams. Like the people that offer to send you 5 ETH if you send them 1, or the fake Twitter giveaways where people ask to follow and retweet for a chance to win and you never hear about it again, and then of course there was this gem:

Well, I was thinking what I would like to do is in my own small way try and restore a little faith in the crypto community by actually doing what I said I would do in a way that’s completely transparent and provably fair.

So here’s what we’re going to do. I’ve minted 500 CAIN eTokens using the wonderful web wallet (yes naming the token CAIN is narcissistic as hell but I couldn’t think of anything cool and I’m too lazy to think of anything else). I will give out 1 CAIN each to 500 different people, and when they’ve all been distributed, I will send a 1000 XEC airdrop to all 500 holders in a single transaction. This will generate 500 outputs numbered 0-499.

Then starting with block 736000 (current block height is 735396), we will take the last 3 digits of the Unix timestamp of blocks 736000 – 736014 to determine which addresses will win 1M XEC each. If the last three digits are greater than 499, we will subtract 500 to get to a number between 000 and 499. In the rare event an address wins more than once, we will add additional blocks as needed in order to achieve 15 different winners.

So how do you get a CAIN eToken?

Go to the tweet below and post a comment with your eToken address (not to be confused with an eCash address):

If you don’t have an eToken address, you can get one by going to and clicking on “eToken” on the receive screen as shown here:

The first 500 people whose comments I see will each receive 1 CAIN eToken until all 500 have been given out. (Getting 500 people to comment with an eToken address won’t be easy so please don’t be shy about commenting. What’s the worst that can happen? You might even win 1M XEC–currently worth $93–for a minute of your time.)

In order to qualify as a winner, you must follow these rules:

  1. After you post your eToken address do not delete your comment on Twitter. This is so I can easily contact the winners and also to discourage people from commenting more than once.
  2. To claim the prize you must verify you control the winning address by signing a message for one of the winning addresses and posting it to Twitter. The message: eCash to the moon!

The reason for 2 is because I don’t want to waste any eCash by sending it to someone who has either lost their private keys or does not know how to use eCash. By signing a message, you can prove you hold the keys associated with that address. Remember, if you lose the key, you lose the coins, forever, so please learn how to store your keys safely.

The winners will have about a week to claim their prizes. If any winners don’t come forward by block 737000, new winners will be chosen using the same mechanism.

Basically it’s kind of like a lotto but everything is on chain and provably fair.

Good luckĀ  and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me on Twitter.